Speaking Under Pressure

Having those Difficult Speeches and Conversations

People will always disagree with you, sometimes for valid reasons and other times not so much. But this fear of disagreement and confrontation is what silences us all too often. It creates an either/or dichotomy – something we are now witnessing in our politics here and around the world. We shouldn’t first seek communication to make ourselves right and someone else wrong – but first to understand, are you indeed right? If so, why? And why might someone disagree with you? Only after being truly honest with yourself about these questions can and should you seek communication under contentious circumstances in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

The first thing I want to tell students is to breathe. And then do the research. Genuinely try to understand where people with opposing views are coming from, not just at the surface level.

During this course, students will learn how to first research and consider opposing views and then how to navigate difficult conversations and opposing rhetoric through practical tools and exercises. The objective is always to move forward toward a positive, amicable resolve. Please enquire to learn more about this course and upcoming dates.

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One-on-one teaching is also available.