Civic Space Lift

Reimagining and Repurposing the Space Around Us

Jane Jacobs was a kind of savant for understanding the livelihood of cities and neighbourhoods. More than anything, she was a strong advocate for the people affected by change executed by ill-informed policy wielders. Jacobs knew the importance of inclusivity; the importance of the utility of neighbourhoods – and how each successful city block serves up a sort of ballet of people passing through it during all times of day for multiple uses.
“Why is it so important to recover the sense of place, and production, in our analyses of the global economy, particularly as these are constituted in major cities? Because they allow us to see the multiplicity of economies and working cultures in which regional, national and global economies are embedded” –Saskia Saseen, The Guardian.
Inspired by research we have done on the work of Jane Jacobs, Gil Penalosa, Dr. Esther Sternberg, and others, to make our living spaces better, OJC is working on further collaborative solutions to help improve neighbourhoods and streetscapes. We begin by first improving how we discuss and debate neighbourhood issues - and then advocate for a positive resolve. Join us as we work on improving city and town neighbourhoods, one block at a time.