Adult Literacy Project

This isn't the Story of Dick and Jane...

"I first taught adult literacy as a volunteer in the mid-1990s, where the reading material being provided for adults began with – "Fun with Dick and Jane." To hear adult students read, “See Jane Jump” – was an uninspiring experience for us both. Though struggling with reading, these students were filled with a lifetime of experiences and stories of their own. So why was I helping them read an old children’s book?"
–Nancy Duffy, Founder, OJC
The adult literacy project is about aligning existing intellectual ability to suitable and interesting content geared toward the individual's interests. We start by using small words that are capable of expressing big ideas, emotions, and things. This is a project to empower the new reader, while wholly respecting all the other qualities and experiences a person has to offer. It’s a different approach to literacy that is engaging, respectful and inspiring. These sessions are one-on-one and offered on a complimentary basis to qualified applicants.  

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