Nancy Duffy, BIO

Nancy Duffy is an instructor and business owner, as well as an education and instructional design enthusiast who has worked as a creative entrepreneur since 2005. Her passion lies between the fields of communication, education, and politics with experience in helping to teach American politics and the practical experience of having worked in Canadian politics at the federal level.

Over the past four years, Nancy changed the focus of OJC while finishing two degrees – an honors degree in Communication, Media and Film, and the other, a Master’s in Political Science which focused on the study of rhetoric, contentious politics and social movements.

Prior to this corporate shift, Duffy was heavily involved in strategic marketing, operational design management, corporate training, and executive recruiting on behalf of her clients. In addition to the work she currently does through OJC, Nancy volunteers her time promoting adult literacy. She is the host and producer of a podcast and radio talk show about current events, society, and culture.

You can learn more about Nancy and the work she does by subscribing and listening to her show!